Thursday, January 24, 2008

Letter in response to Michelle Obama's request for donations

I have been following the campaign with interest and substantial dismay. I have not contributed to any campaigns, because I feel that the significant support I provided to candidates in the 2004 and 2006 elections was not worthwhile.

I have not decided who to vote for. I respect your husband, and have a number of friends who are excited about his candidacy. He has touched me, however, only in a very negative way. I agree fully with Bill Clinton and John Edwards that your husband's remarks about Ronald Reagan, who I think was terribly bad for this country, and further a crook, were highly damaging to his campaign for many reasons, not least of which is tha it reflected extreme bad judgment. I also am very worried that he is getting advice from Gregory Craig, who is a very old friend and classmate from Phillips Exeter Academy, '63, and who was an early and ardent cheerleader for the war in Iraq.

For these reasons, it is very unlikely that I will vote for your husband at any stage. If he is a candidate in the general election, it is very unlikely I will vote for the Democratic candidate. I may write in the name of Dennis Kucinich, or if there is a green candidate, vote for her/him.

I hope that taking the time to write to you is not wasted, because at the moment, none of the candidates seems to have the remotest clue what to do about the desperate state of affairs in our democracy.

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